Monday, August 4, 2014

Life in a FishBowl

(I know it's been forever since I last wrote, but now that I have officially made it to the missionfield, I have some interesting stories I would like to share. Just a quick update of life July 1, 2014 made it to the Philippines. July 19th married Pastor Marvin Montayre. Yep, pretty big events...thought they were worth mentioning).

Life in a FishBowl

If I were a fish I wouldn't want to live in a bowl but rather in the deep blue sea. I suppose there's good and bad points to either place. Like in a bowl, at least you would know when your next meal was coming, but in the sea you might be someone else's dinner. In a bowl it might be very lonely, but in the sea you might have a lot of friends. In a bowl you might feel safe and in the sea I suppose you could be lost forever. In a bowl you might be watched all the time, but in the sea no one may ever see your show.

Now let's see, how does this compare to my life now. Well I don't worry about being someone else's dinner, but I know my body has never consumed so much rice in my life. Sometimes I feel lonely in the fishbowl where I live now. I have many friends in the sea, but the sea is far and not always easy to get to. I know I must ask God for patience and wisdom in building relationships with the other fish in my bowl. Finding a new "normal" and feeling safe in a new country can often be be challenging and at times impossible. We know that God can show Himself strong in our weakness. As far as being watched all the time, well this one is hard for me. Somedays I just wish I could blend in with all the other fish, but alas I will always be different in my new home. Different isn't always bad, in fact it can often be an open door for sharing the love of Jesus with someone.

So for now if I have to live as a fish in a bowl, I will choose to be thankful and pray that my bowl will be filled with His love all the time.